Textile and then Fashion studies in Duperré Art School in Paris, training periods at Christian Lacroix and Jean-Paul Gaultier's studio's, and then Studio Director for the French Designer Stella Cadente, during 8 years.

When did you decide to try footwear design?
The day I went all around Paris's most famous "Grands Magasins", decided to buy a new pair of shoes (... one more!), and that I came home without anything. That day, I really realized that my "ideal shoe", CONFORTABLE, colourfull, girly but not baby, funny but not cheap, pretty but not too sophisticated, didn't exist yet...

What makes you shoes original?
The reason why I decided to try footwear design: see answer above! In a few words: a special colour-range (from strong to delicate colours, with unexpected associations), shoes you can wear all day long, because designed by a girl with very sensitive feet, and who tests all of her shoes, a sense of the detail (for example, each pair is sold with it's little bag in Liberty fabric.

How do you work and what are your strong points?
Each collection has to tell a little story, the first one was about a trip on the "Yellow-brick-road" (The Wizard of Oz), the last one is a dancefloor story, which would begin with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing on the Babyshambles... Chosing the colours is one of the decisive step in my work also, and then, I divide my collection in 4 or 5 themes, all declined in this quite rich colour range. I like having fun when designing, and I think people understand this happy fealing when they see the collection... I hope!

What kind of materials and trimmings do you prefer?
Always leather, suede or natural materials. AND Liberty fabrics, that I particularly love.

What type of man or woman is your target?
A woman who would like to smile when she looks at her feet!